Fantasy Romance Writing prompts

I love a good paranormal romance story. There is nothing quite like reading about supernatural creatures experiencing the very human experience that is falling in love. I’m sure many readers and writers feel the same way which can explain why there are so many vampire stories out there. Although that is a great thing because you can pull inspiration from many other sources, it can also be intimidating. 

How do you make sure your story is original and interesting? What makes your vampire romance special? It can be tempting to fall into a rabbit hole of doubts, but remember that every writer has a story worth telling that only THEY can write. In the moments when I feel overwhelmed or don’t know how to develop my story idea further, I always like to turn to romance writing prompts. They are such a simple yet effective way of creating an original story.

So, that being said, in this blog post, I came up with 52 vampire romance story ideas that are sure to inspire your next paranormal romance story! You can use them to write short stories or a full-blown romance novel. I hope you enjoy them. 

Vampire Romance Story Ideas & Prompts

Detective Work: Write a story about a vampire who falls in love with a human detective investigating a series of mysterious murders. As they work together to solve the case, the vampire struggles to control his bloodlust.

The Vampire Princess & The Student: Write a story about a character who comes from a long line of royal vampires. Their whole life, they have been sheltered from the outside world. As they grow tired of their immortal existence, they decide to attend a human university in a small town. There, they meet a shy but brilliant student who captures their heart. Your character struggles to decide whether to reveal their true identity to them or keep it a secret. 

Apocalypse: In a post-apocalyptic world, vampires and human communities that once coexisted peacefully are now on the brink of a civil war. Because of this, both vampires and humans have been confined to parts of the city and are not allowed to cross over to enemy territory.  However, your character falls in love with a vampire leader. If they are seen together, their romance could spark a war. Will true love prevail, or will their different backgrounds tear them apart?

Shared Pain: Write a story about a vampire that was cursed to live in isolation. One day he meets a vampire hunter whose family was murdered by a group of random vampires. Since that day she has sworn to kill every vampire she meets. Her goals and her values are challenged when she accidentally falls for your character. 

The Musician: Write a story about a vampire with the ability to read minds. He becomes entranced by the thoughts of a human musician. 

Forbidden Love: Write a story where vampires are ranked from most powerful to least powerful. In this world, vampires from different ranks are not allowed to date each other. However, while on their first-ever hunt, your character falls in love with a low-rank vampire. 

The Vampire & the Witch: In a world where supernatural species hate each other, a vampire and a witch fall in love.  

Arranged Marriage: Write a story about an arranged marriage between two vampires from rival clans. 

Shadow & Fire: Write a story where every vampire has a special and unique power. Your main character, one of the most powerful vampires in the city, likes to turn humans just to see what their power will be. However, one day, he turns a random girl and she never develops any powers. Curious about her condition, he gets to know her and they fall in love.

Dystopia: In a dystopian world, both vampires and humans are struggling to survive because a new species has taken over the government. So, a vampire and a rebellious human decide to join forces to try to overthrow the oppressive regime.  

Reincarnation: Write a story about an ancient vampire who has been trapped in a tomb for a very long time. One day a stranger unknowingly releases him from his prison. He finds out that this stranger looks eerily similar to his past lover. 

A Story to Remember: Write a story about a human writer whose obsession with vampires puts her in a very precarious situation. Thankfully, a rebellious vampire saves her from becoming dinner to blood-thirsty vampires. 

Forgotten Past: Write a story about a vampire who gets into a horrible car accident. Although he doesn’t have any injuries, he ends up losing his memory. He meets a human researcher who studies supernatural phenomena and she becomes fascinated with his case. 

Strong Emotions: Write a story about a vampire who experiences emotions very strongly. Because of this, he is unable to feed on humans and he is always afraid of what people think of him. One day he comes across a human who is unapologetically themselves and falls for them.   

Alliance: Write a story about a vampire prince and a werewolf princess who become unlikely allies to save their families. 

Human Blood: Write a story about a vampire chef who opens up a restaurant in New York City. Because he uses unconventional ingredients, his only clients are other vampires. One day, he meets a human food critic who decides to visit his restaurant.  

The Vampire Photographer: Write a story about a photographer who tries to blend in as a human. As he’s doing a shoot with one of his favorite models, she discovers the truth about him.  

The Cure: In a society where vampires are created through a virus, a scientist working on a cure falls in love with a test subject. 

Rockstar: Write a story about a vampire rockstar who falls for a human fan.  

Fantasy Romance Writing Prompts

The Carnival: Write a story about a magical carnival that appears only at night where vampires perform for humans who are fascinated by the supernatural. A performer and a human attendee fall for each other. 

Partners in Crime: Write about a vampire detective who is great at controlling his bloodlust and a human forensic scientist who team up to solve crimes. 

Secluded: Write a story about a vampire who claims to hate people and lives in complete solitude in his mansion. One day, he meets a gardener who changes his mind. 

The Vampire Muse: Write a story about a vampire who is unable to see his reflection and cannot appear in pictures. He has never been able to see what he looks like until an artist decides to paint him. 

Freedom: Write a story about a world where vampires are discriminated against. A human activist and a vampire create an underground community that fights for the rights of all people, supernatural or not, and they end up falling in love.

The Switch: A vampire who hates humans and a human who hates vampires accidentally switch bodies. This switch forces them to understand and empathize with each other’s lives, challenges, and responsibilities.  

The Firefighter: Write a story about a firefighter who falls in love with a vampire with healing abilities. 

The Archeologist & the Historian: Write a story about a character who is obsessed with the history of vampires and wants to figure out how they were created. One day, they meet a vampire archaeologist who agrees to help them solve the mystery of the origin of vampires.  

Secret Tattoos: A character with a mysterious past decides to get a tattoo of an ancient symbol without knowing the meaning. Unbeknownst to them, their tattoo artist is a vampire with the power to ink magical symbols. 

Bonded by Blood: Write a story about a world where vampires are ruthless predators that cannot drink from humans without killing them. However, legend says that if a vampire successfully drinks from a human without harming them, then that person becomes their soulmate. 

Corruption: Write a story about a vampire and a human journalist who team up to expose the corruption within the vampire ruling class.

The Veterinarian: A vampire and a human veterinarian form an unlikely bond whilst caring for injured supernatural creatures. 

Cure: Write a story about a character who hates being a vampire and a human scientist collaborating to find a cure for vampirism. 

The Mysterious Artist: Write a story about a vampire artist who is hosting his first-ever gallery in a big city. In his paintings, he loves to showcase the beauty of the supernatural world. A human art critic becomes enchanted by both the art and the mysterious artist.

fantasy romance writing prompts

Wrongful Conviction: Write a story about an amazing detective who hides his identity as a vampire. One day, he meets a woman who is convicted of a horrible crime. However, he knows she is innocent and the true criminal is another vampire. He does everything in his power to prove her innocence.

The Bartender: Write a story about a university student who is trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. One day, a mysterious man walks into the bar where she works and starts asking her all these weird questions. Although confused, your character is enjoying her conversation with the handsome stranger. However, right before leaving the bar, he confesses that he’s a vampire. 

The Immortal Band: Write a story about a talented drummer who wants to be in a band. One day, he meets this mysterious singer who asks him to join her band. He accepts, not knowing that she’s a vampire. 

Sunlight: Write a story about a talented engineering student who is approached by a classmate. She asks him to create a small device without telling him what it’s for or what it does. After creating it, your character finds out that the device allows vampires to walk in the sunlight. 

The Magical Artifact: Write a story about a character who discovers a magical artifact that has the power to transform them into a vampire. Whilst tracking down the artifact, a vampire meets your character and an unexpected love story unfolds. 

Hunted: Write a story about a world where vampires are hunted for their abilities. One day your character stumbles across a vampire with telekinetic abilities and decides to help them hide from the authorities in exchange for a favor. 

Incurable: A character with an incurable disease falls in love with an immortal vampire.

Time Travel: Your character discovers a mysterious device that allows them to time travel. They decide to use it to go back in time and come face-to-face with a vampire who happens to be their classmate. 

Cursed Creation: Write a story about a world where vampires are created through a magical curse. Your character accidentally activates the curse against their will. However, they soon meet a vampire who is willing to teach them how to break the curse and become human again. 

The Magic Cocktail: A naive first-year university student goes to an underground bar with some friends. Unbeknownst to them, the bar is run by vampires and offers drinks that can grant humans temporary immortality. Your character loses track of her friends and bumps into the bar owner. 

The Vampire’s Biography: Write a story about an aspiring author who discovers that her next-door neighbor is a vampire. At her request, he agrees to tell her his life story so she can get inspiration for her novel. 

fantasy romance writing prompts

Best Friend: In a small town where vampires keep their existence hidden, a vampire and a human have been best friends since childhood. However, as they start college together and feelings start to develop, their relationship becomes more complicated than ever. 

The Young Woman: Write a story about a young woman who moves to a mysterious small town after a horrible breakup. However, she is unaware that this town is a haven for vampires. On her first night there, she goes to a bar and meets a charismatic vampire who she is immediately drawn to.

The Right Place: Write a story about a world where each vampire has a human soulmate. In order to meet them, they need to be in the right place, at the right time. Most vampires never actually succeed at finding their soulmate.

The Dark Castle: Write a story about a young woman who grew up without ever meeting her father. One day, she receives a message letting her know that he has passed away and that she has inherited his home. When she arrives at his home, she discovers that her father lived in a dark and mysterious castle that harbored a vampire. 

The Car Crash: Your character gets into a really bad car accident. Her whole life changes when a vampire saves her from dying in the crash.

Single Father: Write a story about a character young man who is struggling to look after his child after his previous partner died. His whole life changes when he meets a mysterious vampire who turns him. 

High School Sweetheart: Write a love story about two high school sweethearts reuniting years later. Although one has remained a human, the other turned into a vampire. 

Blind Date: Write a story about a character who discovers a dating app that matches humans and vampires together. Although most of the vampires on the app aren’t real, your character happens to meet a real one.  

Sometimes, all you need to ignite your creative flame is a simple prompt idea. I hope these paranormal romance writing prompts help you create your next vampire fiction story. You can use these to help you come up with new ideas, write a romance novel, write short stories, or a poem. Let me know in the comments down below which ones were your favorite! 

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