How to Write a Great Backstory for your Characters

Your character’s backstory is there to explain to readers the “why” behind your characters. Why they might have certain goals, desires, and motivations for certain things. As many psychology studies have revealed, the environment you grow up in shapes you as a person. But we don’t need psychology to tell us this. It’s something we inherently know. So, when you’re writing your characters, it is imperative that you think of how their environment has shaped them as humans and how to write a great backstory that will tie their past to their present selves.

Create your Character’s Personality in 3 Simple Steps

Writing good characters is an essential part of a well-developed story. They are the heart and soul of a story, and it is from their point of view that the readers are able to witness a plot unfold. The impression they make on your audience often comes from a mixture of their backstories, their personality traits and their current quest. In order to write a character that leaves a lasting impression on your audience, it is essential to create your character’s personality properly and have that remain fairly consistent throughout the story