Persistent depressive disorder is a type of depression characterized by a persistent depressive mood for an extended period of time. It usually lasts 2 years or more and although the symptoms are considered to be less severe than that of Major depressive disorder, it is still a debilitating disorder that can affect one’s everyday life.

The symptoms typically include either insomnia or hypersomnia, low energy/extreme fatigue, low self-esteem, difficulty concentrating, and a perpetual feeling of sadness and despair.

The persistent depressive disorder usually begins in adolescence or early adulthood but can appear at any point in one’s life.

Writing Dysthymia

Characters with this depressive mood disorder will feel as though “they have always been this way” because their symptoms usually last for long periods of time. They will feel like the depression is just a part of their personality and that they just tend to feel more negative emotions than others. Because of this belief, they are less likely to seek treatment.

Dysthymia will also affect a character’s social and professional life. The constant fatigue and sadness will lead to them avoiding social interactions and feeling unmotivated at work.

Other Types of Depression

When writing about characters that suffer from depression, it is important to keep in mind that there exist different types of depressions that one can suffer from.

Here are some of the types of depressive disorders you can write about:

Major Depressive disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Seasonal Depression

Postpartum depression

Psychotic depression

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder


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