Hey, I’m Fadrika, the owner of this blog. I am a university student majoring in psychology and ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved to write.

Growing up, my family didn’t have cable TV in the house and my only sources of entertainment came from CDs and books. So, I discovered quite early on the absolute love I had for stories, books and characters. I remember staying up all night reading the latest romance/fantasy novel that had come out. So, naturally, when my teachers started asking everyone what we wanted to be when we grew up, I already knew my answer. I wanted to become a writer. I aspired to write stories that would make other people feel the way I felt when I read a really good book.

Unfortunately, during my teenage years, I lost some of the passion I had as a kid but I discovered my love for psychology instead. However, I never stopped writing because it still brings me so much joy to finish a story that I’m proud of.

Although I’m no professional, throughout the years, I have learned a lot about the art of creating enticing and memorable stories and I hope to share some of my knowledge with fellow writers!