Writing is a beautiful experience, but it can also be a frustrating one. When you’re feeling inspired, writing seems to come naturally. The words simply flow out of your brain straight onto the paper. However, inspiration is fleeting, and often times we find ourselves struggling to put pen to paper.

This is where prompts for writing poetry can come in handy. Sometimes all you need is a word or a sentence to inspire your next poem.

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Prompts for Writing Poetry: Love

Love is a powerful emotion. It is the source of happiness and grief, desire, and dread. It is no wonder that many poems have been written love and many will continue to be written. There are many ways to write about love as there are many different types of love.

  • My love, don’t leave me behind
  • I’ll come to you
  • Lay your head on my shoulders
  • Hand over my heart
  • Let’s make love to each other
  • Through sickness and through health
  • I want you all to myself
  • My dear, you have nothing to fear
  • Jealousy is my enemy and my friend
  • Touch me like you mean it
  • I’ll follow you through the dark
  • My love, I’ll wait for you
  • You’re the light at the end of this tunnel
  • I try to forget your smile, your lips, your heart
  • Am I too much for you?
  • Desire is a powerful emotion
  • I am losing my mind thinking of you
  • You stole my breath, my heart, my soul
  • She burns brighter than the sun
  • You are the only sin I never regretted
  • I long to see you
  • I want to hear your heartbeat
  • Hold on tight, just for tonight
  • Her Grace, her majesty
  • Our worlds collided
  • I’ll always put you first
  • You drive me crazy
  • Let your guard down
  • You pulled me out of the dark
  • I’d take a bullet for you

Prompts for Writing Poetry: Sadness & Pain

There is a lot of inspiration that can come from pain. Many songs and poems have been written about heartbreaks and sorrows.

  • He showed me his demons
  • I had so much to say, and so little time to speak
  • I’m trying so hard
  • I failed you
  • You’re no good for me
  • The sorrows of a broken heart
  • We’re running out of time
  • A cycle of pain
  • I can’t hate you
  • There’s no more hope
  • Hiding my demons in my head
  • You broke your promise to me
  • I tried to save you
  • I went through hell for you
  • I don’t want to be alone
  • Everybody dies alone in the end
  • You made me feel like a fool
  • He died for you
  • A wounded heart
  • We were never meant to end it like this
  • You were slowly killing me
  • No one can save you
  • I can’t control the darkness inside of me
  • I scare myself
  • I knew you’d leave me
  • Is she broken beyond repair?
  • You left me in the dirt
  • A broken man cannot love
  • My faith is gone for good
  • If only I was enough for you

Prompts for Writing Poetry: Nature

Nature can be beautiful and peaceful, but also destructive and chaotic. Writing poems about nature can be a great way to get inspired and write creative pieces.

  • The cold air of winter
  • A shadow in the night
  • Under the same stars
  • Where the hurricane last passed
  • The chaos of the storm
  • The waves come and go
  • I’m caught up in the middle of this storm
  • The drowning man has appeared in the river once again
  • I’m lost in space, amidst the stars and the darkness
  • He was carried away by the waves
  • The heavens are crying once again
  • The tales of the haunted cave
  • The earth is bleeding
  • The sky came crashing down
  • A hurricane of fury and passion

Prompts for Writing Poetry: Old Age/Youth

Youth is often associated with beauty, adventure, and passion. On the other hand, old age is synonymous with grace, wisdom, and guidance. Both of these concepts make a great subject for a poem.  

  • I’m stuck in time
  • I am older but none the wiser
  • The young men believed they were untouchable
  • The bitter old man down at the corner store
  • Her innocence is idealized and yet exploited
  • The legend of a man with a thousand stories
  • What if you could turn back time and do things differently?
  • The memories of a young widow
  • The innocence of young love
  • His wrinkled face was ripe with regret

I hope you guys enjoyed these short prompts for poetry! Feel free to comment down in the comments section on which ones were your favorite!

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