When your creativity is running low, it can be very difficult to keep writing. Maybe you’re out of good ideas or you’re simply not motivated to write, but whatever the reason behind your creative block, it can be a very frustrating position to be in.

When this happens to me, one thing I love to do is create writing prompts for myself or research them from other blogs. Writing prompts have helped me get out of many creative blocks and they’re an effective way to get you inspired and motivated to start your next story or poem. They can also be very useful when journaling.

I tend to gravitate towards prompts with dark and twisted ideas because that is the genre I like to write in. However, I find that fun and light-hearted prompts can be equally, if not more effective for sparking creativity. I hope you guys enjoy the following writing prompts for fun story ideas. I certainly had a blast coming up with them! Don’t forget to write down in the comment section which ones were your favorite and feel free to share more prompts!

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Fun Writing Prompts for Any Kind of Story

1. Mirroir on the Wall: Write a story about a girl stuck in a mirror. How did she get there? Will she ever be able to escape?

2. The Lost Prince: Write about a prince who got lost in a town far away from his kingdom. Describe his journey to get back home. What does he learn along the way? Who does he meet?

3. The Award Show: Write about a character who attends the most bizarre award show in history. Your character gets nominated for an award. Describe the awards in detail. Make sure to make them weird and comical.

4. Rumours: Describe a ridiculous rumor that has been circulating around a town. Where did the rumor come from? Who started it and why?

5. What Happens in Vegas: Write about a character that wakes up in a hotel room in vegas. They don’t remember what happened to them the previous night. Hence, they start an investigation and the more they uncover the events of the previous night, the crazier the story gets.

6. The Lottery: Write about a character who accidentally wins a huge lottery. What do they do with the money? Describe how the character’s life changes after this event.

7. Girls’ Night: Write about a crazy girls’ night out that ends in an unexpected way.

8. An unexpected friend: Write about a character stuck in a cell with their enemy. Both of them realize that in order to escape, they need to work together.

9. Lucky Charm: Write about a character who has crazy good luck. The most unexpected impossible things tend to happen to them all the time. Your character makes a friend who, unfortunately, has very bad luck. Describe the relationship between these two friends.

10. Career Change: Write about an aspiring doctor who discovers their talent for music. How does your character go about changing career paths? How do other people react to this decision?

11. The Zoo Keeper: Write about a Zoo keeper working a night shift. During a bathroom break, the zoo keeper hears a loud noise and rushes outside to see what’s happening. When they come out, they realize that all the animals are gone. How did the animals escape and how is your character planning on getting them back?

12. Best Friend: Write a story about a young boy whose best friend is an eagle.

13. Wedding Bells: Describe the wedding of the weirdest, most extravagant couple.

14. The Gift: Write your story about a girl who was gifted a mysterious ornament that has a very interesting backstory. Since having the ornament in her possession, weird things have been happening to her.

15. The Cave: A couple of friends find a mysterious cave behind a waterfall. What they discover inside changes their lives forever.

Writing Prompts for Fun Fantasy stories

16. The Astronaut: Write about an astronaut who gets lost in space and is found by aliens.

17. A mysterious Egg: Write about a character who finds an egg whilst on a hike with some friends. They decide to keep it although they have no idea what animal it’s from. A few months later, the egg hatches, and a baby dragon is born.

18. Talking Animals: Write a story where animals develop the ability to communicate with humans.

19. A Sweet Melody: What if listening to certain songs made us feel emotions so strongly that they could alter our behavior? Write about a world where songs have the power to make us fall in love, make us happier, depressed, or angry.

20. A New Hero: Describe the story of a character who suddenly wakes up with superhuman strength. What do they do with their newfound superpower?

21. Guardian Angel: Write about a fairy who mistook her shadow for a butterfly. She believes that this butterfly is her guardian angel and is tasked to protect her from harm.

22. Vampire Students: Write about a college professor who finds out that his students are vampires.

23. Time Machine: Your character accidentally creates a time machine. What do they do with it? Who do they tell?

24. Different Dimensions: Your character is lost in a different dimension. The only way for them to get back home is to take a special train that can travel between dimensions. However, taking that train is very expensive and your character is out of money.

25. Dragons: Write about a country whose national sport is dragon hunting.

Writing Prompts for Fun Romance Stories

26. Beautiful Memories: Write about a character who never got the chance to meet their grandparents. One day, they find a journal belonging to their grandmother. Inside this journal is written the love story of the grandparents in great detail.

27. My darling: Write about a love story between a soldier and a nurse.

28. Dance with me: Write about two friends who take up dance classes together. During their dance rehearsals, they start spending more time together and eventually develop feelings for each other.

29. I Dare You: Your character goes out to a bar with some friends and notices that their crush is sitting across the table from them. Your character’s friends dare them to go talk to their crush which results in the two of them exchanging numbers.

30. The Plumber: Write about a girl living in a remote cabin. She decided to move far away from the city because she wanted to live a simpler life. One day, her sink stops working. Unable to fix it herself, she calls a plumber. When the plumber arrives, they hit it off straight away.

31. Strangers: Write about two strangers randomly doing something nice for each other. Then, years later, they meet again and fall in love.

32. Coffee Shop: Go to a coffee shop and imagine the love story of the first couple you see. How do you think they met? What was their first interaction like? What do you think their relationship dynamic is like now?

33. Happy Campers: A boy finds himself lost during a solo camping trip. He crosses paths with another more experienced camper and they decide to travel together in order to get to their next destination.

34. A Memorable Photoshoot: Write your story about an aspiring model who falls in love with her photographer.

35. Actors: Write about two people who are the lead actors in a play and who develop feelings for each other whilst on the job.

Writing Prompts for Fun Young Adult Stories

36. Friends: Write about a very shy and socially awkward boy experiencing friendship for the first time.

37. Sisters: Write about two sisters who are always competing with one another, whether it be for grades, sports, or love.

38. Camping: A group of friends decides to play truth or dare during a camping trip.

39. A City Girl: Write about a girl who has lived her whole life on a farm. She moves to the city for the first time and is fascinated by everything she sees.

40. Hidden Treasure: A group of friends goes on vacation on an island that has been rumored to have a hidden treasure.

41. His Muse: Write about an artist who has lost his passion for music. He feels uninspired and lost. Then, whilst running some errands, he meets a girl. After going on a couple of dates with her, he feels inspired to write songs again.

42: Teenage Dream: Write about two up-and-coming teen stars who fall in love with each other.

43: The Mermaid: A teenage girl living on a small remote island decides to go for a swim. During her swim, she comes across a creature resembling a mermaid.

44. Dangerous Company: Write about a nerdy teenager becoming friends with a dangerous group of people.

45. Infamous: The daughter of an infamous rock star tries to live a normal life at an art school.

Writing Prompts for Fun Poems


46. Write a poem about something you’ve never experienced before but have always dreamed of. What do you imagine it would feel like? Why do you want to experience it? How do other people describe the experience?

47. Write a poem about the relationship between the sun and the moon. Are they lovers, enemies, or friends?

48. Describe what it is like to have a huge secret that you can’t tell anyone.

49. Describe what you experience when listening to music that you hate versus the music you love.

50. Write a poem explaining to aliens what it’s like to be a human.

51. Write a poem describing the weirdest dream you’ve ever had.

52. Write a poem about fame. Describe what it would be like to just wake up one day and be a world-famous star. How would you feel? What are the pros and the cons of fame?

53. Write a poem about hunger. Describe what it feels like and how it can affect your mood and consume your thoughts.

54. Write a poem about silence. Describe how it can sometimes be peaceful but also extremely uncomfortable.

55. Describe the different experiences between people deemed conventionally attractive versus those who are deemed unattractive.

Writing Prompts for Fun Journaling Ideas

56. Make a list of all of your close friends or family members and describe your favorite memory with each of them.

57. If you could go back in time and have one last conversation with someone you no longer talk to, who would you choose and what would you say to them?

58. If you could meet with God, what are some questions you would ask him?

59. Which characteristics of yours do you like the most?

60. Pretend that you’re in someone else’s shoes and you’re meeting yourself for the first time. Describe what your first impression of yourself would be. What kind of vibe do you give off? Are you funny or annoying? How do you come across?

61. Describe the last time you belly laughed. Why were you laughing? Who were you with?

62. Write a general timeline of your life so far. Include the most important events that happened to you in each stage of your life and describe how they made you feel.

63. Make a list of your biggest fears in life and invent some possible solutions for them. The solutions you come up with don’t have to be realistic. For example, if one of your fears is aging, then you could write down invent a time machine.

64. If you were to meet one of your favorite fictional characters, who would you choose? Describe how that meeting would go. What would you talk about? Where would you go?

65. Describe the last 5 years of your life. For each year, choose four or five adjectives to describe the entire year.

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