Ambiverts are the middle ground between introverts and extroverts. Although ambiversion is the personality type that is often less talked about, most people would actually fall into this category. Most people are a mixture of introvert and extrovert traits.

Characters with ambivert personality traits are comfortable and enjoy social settings, but they equally enjoy alone time. So, whilst an introverted character may spend 70% of their time alone and 30% with other people, an ambivert character will spend 50% of their time with people and the other 50% alone.

Ambivert characters will easily switch between being social and outgoing and being reserved. So, when they are in a group setting, they may be perceived as extroverted but as soon as their social battery is depleted, their more introverted nature may start to appear.

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Traits an ambivert character should display

They are comfortable in most environments

Because of their flexible personality, ambiverts are able to adapt to most environments. In a way, they have the best of both worlds. They are proficient and eager in social situations whilst having the introspectiveness and self-awareness of an introvert.

They are Great Communicators

Ambivert characters are great communicators because they are able to adapt to the communication style of other people. They are as proficient in small talk as they are in deeper, more meaningful conversations.

Because characters with ambivert personalities are kind of in the middle, they are able to relate and match the energy of both introverts and extroverts.

Work well with or without people

Ambiverts are extremely independent. They can get work done without any help because they are flexible and resourceful. However, they are equally as capable of working in groups and having consideration for others and their ideas. This ability to both work independently and in groups makes them excellent leaders and entrepreneurs.

Able to connect with different types of people

As previously mentioned, ambivert characters are able to relate to different types of people which makes them easy to connect with. Generally, introverts tend to attract and befriend other introverts whilst extroverts attract and befriend other extroverts. Ambiverts attract all personality types.

Hence, when writing an ambivert character, you can showcase this quality of theirs by making their friend group extremely diverse.


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