When you are feeling unmotivated and uninspired, writing can be a frustrating process. After staring at a blank page for more than 20 minutes, it’s normal to want to give up and wait until you feel inspired again. However, this thinking often leads to writer’s block, which is an extended period of time where you are unable to write anything.

It is best to find ways to continue writing even when inspiration is lacking. There are many ways to do this. Sometimes simply going for a walk or going people watching can spark up some inspiration. Another common and effective way to get your creative juices flowing is through creative writing prompts.

Creative writing prompts come in many forms. They can be composed of a word, a sentence, a whole paragraph, or simply an image. The following prompts are composed of all of the above. Below, I have gathered 30 images and given them titles and descriptions in the hopes that some of them might help you write your next story!

I hope you find these useful and feel free to comment down below which ones were your favorite!

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Creative Writing Prompts

Underwater Mysteries

Start your story by describing a scene inspired by the picture below. Is this woman alive? Is she unconscious? Why does she have a dress on? Imagine how she got into this situation in the first place.

The Great Barrier

Write a story about a man who has set out to adventure somewhere no one has ever been before. In order to do this, he has to cross the barrier shown in the photo. What lies beyond this barrier and why has no one dared to go past it?

The Dark Angel

Write about an angel who has black wings instead of white ones. She is one of the very few of her kind. Why are her wings a different color? Is her role different than the angels with white wings? Is she perhaps more powerful or even dangerous?

The Initiation

What if the two people in this photo were participating in an initiation? What would the initiation entail and what would it be for? Are they trying to join a group of some kind? What does the blue triangle represent?

A Rose Queen

What is the story of the woman in the picture? Is she in a garden? If so, who’s garden is it and why is she here? Is she perhaps a queen or a princess?

Let’s Start a Riot

Write about a character who decides to participate in a protest. This protest however quickly escalates into an angry mob. Describe what the people are protesting for and why they are angry. Is their anger & violence justified? Are the people holding swords and pitchforks? Do innocent people get hurt?

An Abandoned Dock

Your character visits a small town for the first time. During their visit, they come across this abandoned dock. A local tells them that there are many rumors circulating around this place. Some people say that the dock is haunted whilst others believe it was cursed. There has been a high number of disappearances that have happened close to this location and none of the bodies were ever found.

The Alley

Write about a mysterious alley where people always seem to get lost. Rumors say that when a person crosses this alley, they are actually passing through a portal that takes them to a completely different street (hence why people get lost). Are the rumors true? If yes, can this “portal” be used to go somewhere further?

Cave Adventures

Start your story by describing the picture below. Who are the two men in the photo? Are they friends, lovers, or foes?

A Hidden Oasis

Your protagonist discovers this beautiful place. How did they get there? Were they exploring/searching for something and stumbled across this place accidentally, or perhaps they had heard about this place and wanted to find it themselves?

The Experiment

Write about your character discovering an abandoned laboratory. Upon further exploration, they come across this woman floating in a see-through tank. What is the story behind this laboratory? Were the people working there conducting illegal experiments?

Midnight Thoughts

Imagine the story of the person in this picture? Where are they? What are they thinking about?

The City Witches

Your main character is a descendant of a long bloodline of powerful witches. She is currently the leader of a small coven. What kind of spells are they capable of accomplishing? Does the city know of their existence or do they practice in secret?

Burn the City

Describe the scene in the photo below. What happened here? Why is the city burning?

Dancing in the Moonlight

Start your story by describing the picture below. Who is the girl in the picture? Where is she and what is she doing?

The Race of a Lifetime

Write about a character whose goal is to win a race that could change his life. What are the challenges and obstacles that the character faces? How can winning this race change his life?

A Psycho on the loose

Write about a character who has been terrorizing a town. He walks around with a mask on and no one knows who he is or what his intentions are.

The Men in Black

Your protagonist joins a shady friend group and gets involved in their illegal activities.

The Ceremony

What is happening in this picture? Is this a ceremony of some sort? If so, what is it for?

River Women

Describe the scene that is happening here. Who are these women and what are they doing? Is this a ceremony/ritual?

A New Hero in town

Write a story about a new superhero. What are her powers like? How did she get those powers in the first place? What is her story?

His Secret

Write the story of a mysterious man who keeps his life very private. One day, he meets your protagonist and decides to open up to them. What are his secrets?

Runaway lovers

Write a story about two lovers on the run. What are they running from? How did they meet?

Shattered Glass

Write a story about a man who has the power to shatter glass with his mind.

The legend of a Witch

Write a story about a witch who has been ostracized from her community for having an incredible ability to draw power from the dead. Others claim that her powers are unorthodox. What is her story?

A Young Prodigy

Write a story about a young prodigy who has incredible powers. She lives in a village where children who show special “abilities” are given a chance to nurture and grow their powers by going to a specialized school. Her parents refuse to let her attend whilst the other members of the village insist that she go.

The Village

Write your story about a small village that has practices and rituals of its own. The picture below is one of the many rituals the inhabitants of this village participate in. What is this ritual for?

The Journey Ahead

Your protagonist is about to embark on a long perilous journey. Where are they going? Why are they embarking on this journey?


Your main character works at a nightclub that has a reputation for throwing crazy parties. However, this nightclub also does shady business.

Angel of Death

Your character keeps having reoccurring nightmares about the person/creature in this picture. One day they seek the help of a psychic medium who tells your character that the creature they have been dreaming about resembles an angel of death. What does this mean? How does your character deal with this news?

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