Out of all the writing genres, the fantasy genre stands out as the most unique. When it comes to writing a fantasy story, there are endless possibilities. From gods and superheroes to goblins and aliens, there is no shortage of supernatural elements you could include in your story.

Writing a Fantasy story can be a great way of unleashing your creativity. Your story may involve a high-paced plot or slow-burn romance. However, for many, the sheer amount of choices may be overwhelming, especially when you’re feeling uninspired.

Should you write about mythical gods or magical kings? What subgenre of fantasy should you write in? All of these questions are difficult to answer when you don’t have a general idea as to what you want to write about.

Thankfully, there is no better way to get your creative juices flowing than with fantasy writing prompts! Below I have gathered 20 beautiful pictures that are sure to help you write your next fantasy story.

Although I wrote a title and a description for each picture, feel free to disregard those and come up with ideas of your own!

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Fantasy Writing Prompts

The Mysteries of The Soul

What is happening in this picture? Was this woman possessed? If so, what possessed her? If not, what is the black smoke coming out of her? Who is she and why is she in this place?


The Sky Men

What is going on in this picture? Are these people human or alien? Why are they falling in this particular way? Is this a ritual of some kind or an initiation they have to pass?


Underwater World

Describe the story of the creature in this photo. Are they a mermaid or something else? You could write your story from their perspective and describe what their life is like. Is this creature evil? Do they live with others that are just like them or are they mostly alone (perhaps the last of their kind)?


Mother Nature

Write a story about a woman who was found frozen in place like this (as if the branches of the trees were growing on her skin). When she was found, was she alive or dead? How did she get like that in the first place?


Reign of the Dinosaurs

What if Dinosaurs hadn’t gone extinct and were taking over the planet? Who is the woman in the photo with the bow and arrow? Why has she been left to fight this creature alone?


An Angel of Light

Who is the woman in this picture? Is she a real angel? What is her background story? Perhaps she was born from a long line of angels before her or, she may be an immortal Goddess. Does she grant wishes to humans?


The Floating Castle

Write a story about a castle perched on a floating island. Who lives there? Perhaps this castle was placed there to protect whoever lives here. Who is the woman in the white dress?


The Ice Man

Your main character embarks on a long trek and comes across this frozen giant. What is the story of this giant and how is it relevant to your main character’s story?


A Hidden World

Write a story about an underground world that is placed deep within a cave system. Since this place has been separated from the rest of the world, it has its own unique ecosystem. How does your main character come to discover this place?


Fairytales and Wings

Write a story centered around this mythological creature. Does the world know of its existence?


Giants walk among us

Write a story about a group of non-ethical scientists who were attempting to find a cure for a disease by any means necessary. However, instead of finding a cure, they found a way to make animals grow into giants.


A Midnight Song

Write about a mysterious woman who roams the streets at night. She will usually announce her presence by humming a song. Not many people have actually seen her but everyone knows her name (and the song she hums). What is her story and why does she roam the streets every night?


The Tree of Life and Death

Write about a mystical tree that is both healing and poisonous. It is said that if you boil some of its leaves, they will heal any injury/disease. However, some of the trees’ leaves are also deadly and will kill a person within an hour if consumed. The problem is the healing leaves and the poisonous ones look exactly the same.


Magic Mushrooms

Your character stumbles upon this tree. What are the glowing mushrooms below the tree? Are they actually mushrooms or something else? Are they magical?


A Siren’s Call

During a boat trip, your main character falls into the water and sees this mysterious woman. Your character swims back to the surface to tell their friends but the woman disappears. Who is she? Is she human or perhaps a siren?


Another Dimension

Describe what is happening in this picture. Does this vortex lead to another dimension or is it a passageway towards another planet?


Another Sun

Write a story about a planet that is orbiting a sun that is galaxies away from ours. Who/what lives on this planet? Is their sun bigger than ours?


The Lone Soldier

Write a story about the man in the picture. Is he some kind of soldier training battle? If so, why is he alone? How did he get here in the first place?


A Sorceror’s Quest

Write about a sorcerer who is on a quest to find a valuable object. During his journey, he encounters this woman/creature. Who is she and what does she want?


The power of a Goddess

Write a story about this woman. Is she a goddess of some sort? If so, what kind of powers does she have (ex: goddess of love)? Where does she live?


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